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part 1Matthew 13:44(2)The parable of the hidden treasure - part 2Luke 08:04-08(1)The parable of the sower - part 1Luke 08:04-08(2)The parable of the sower - part 2Luke 08:04-08(3)The parable of the sower - part 3Matthew 06:11(1)Give us our daily bread - part 1Matthew 06:11(2)Give us our daily bread - part 2Matthew 05:13(2)You are the salt of the earth - part 2Matthew 05:13(1)You are the salt of the earth - part 1Matthew 05:01-12(2)The Beatitudes and the fruit of the Spirit - part 1Matthew 05:01-12(3)The Beatitudes and the fruit of the Spirit - part 2Matthew 05:01-12(1)The Beatitudes and the Lord's PrayerMatthew 05:05(2)Blessed are the meek - part 2Matthew 05:05(1)Blessed are the meek - part 1Luke 02:14(1)Peace toward men of good will - part 1Luke 02:14(2)Peace toward men of good will - part 2Luke 15:01-07The parable of the lost sheepLuke 16:19-31(2)The parable of the rich fool and Lazarus (2)Luke 16:19-31(1)The parable of the rich fool and Lazarus (1)Luke 16:1-13The parable of the shrewd stewardLuke 15:11-32The parable of the lost sonColossians 02:12-13Baptism (4): Raised with ChristRomans 06:03Baptism (3): Dying to sin1Peter 03:21Baptism (2): A pledge to God1Corinthians 06:17Baptism (1): A sacrament of unionLuke 15:08-10The parable of the lost coinLuke 14:25-33Count the costLuke 14:12-24The parable of the great banquetLuke 14:07-11The parable of the guestsLuke 13:06-09The parable of the barren fig treeLuke 12:13-21The parable of the rich foolLuke 11:05-13The parable of the friend at midnightLuke 10:38-42One thing is needfulLuke 10:25-37The parable of the good SamaritanMatthew 13:51-52Scribes trained for the kingdom of heavenMatthew 13:47-50The parable of the dragnetMatthew 13:45-46The parable of the pearlMatthew 13:33The parable of the leavenMatthew 13:31-32The parable of the mustard seedMatthew 13:24-30The parable of the taresMark 04:26-29The parable of the growing seedLuke 08:16-18The parable of the lamp and the measureMatthew 13:10-17The purpose of parablesMatthew 12:43-45The last state of that man is worseMatthew 12:38-42No sign shall be given but the sign of JonahMatthew 12:31-32Blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgivenMatthew 12:30bHe who does not gather with Me scattersMatthew 12:30aHe who is not with Me is against MeMatthew 12:22-29The kingdom of God has come upon youMatthew 12:01-08The Son of Man is LordMatthew 11:30-12:05My yoke is easyMatthew 11:25-30I will give you restMatthew 11:13-24To what shall I compare this generationMatthew 11:12The kingdom of God has been forcefully comingMatthew 11.01-11Greater than John the BaptistMatthew 10.38-39He who does not take his crossMatthew 10:34-36I came to bring a swordMatthew 10:24-33Fear notMatthew 10:05-15Find out who is worthyLuke 09.62No man who looks back is fit for the kingdomMatthew 08.19-22The Son of Man has nowhere to lay His headMatthew 08:05-13I have not found such faith in IsraelMatthew 07:24-27Build your house upon the rockMatthew 07:21-23I never knew youMatthew 07:15-20Beware of false prophetsMatthew 07:13-14Enter by the narrow gateMatthew 07:07-11Ask and it shall be given to youMatthew 07:12Do also to themMatthew 07:06Do not give what is holy to dogsMatthew 07:01-05Do not judge lest you be judgedMatthew 06:22-23The lamp of the body is the eyeMatthew 06:13Lead us not into temptationMatthew 06:12Forgive us our debtsMatthew 06:10Thy kingdom comeMatthew 06:09cHallowed be Thy nameMatthew 06:09bHeavenMatthew 06:09aOur FatherMatthew 06:01-08Do not do your righteousness before manMatthew 05:43-48Love your enemiesMatthew 05:38-42Turn to him the other cheekMatthew 05:33-37Swear not at allMatthew 05:27-30Thou shall not commit adulteryMatthew 05:21-26Thou shall not killMatthew 05:17-20I have come to fulfill the lawMatthew 05:14-16You are the light of the worldMatthew 05:10-12Blessed are those who are persecutedMatthew 05:09Blessed are the peacemakersMatthew 05:08Blessed are the pure in heartMatthew 05:07Blessed are the mercifulMatthew 05:06Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousnessMatthew 05:04Blessed are those who mournMatthew 05:03Blessed are the poor in spiritMatthew 04:18-22Called to be saintsMatthew 04:18-22I will make you fishers of menMatthew 04:17RepentJohn 03:14-15The bronze serpentLuke 04:09-13The temptation of Christ - part 3Luke 04:05-08The temptation of Christ - part 2Luke 04:01-04The temptation of Christ - part 1Matthew 03:13-17The baptism of Jesus